Creativity - Soul - Culture

Our contemporary architecture aims to recover run-down, traditional buildings in Cuenca’s Historic Center for housing.

We value what is traditional; we preserve elements of Cuenca’s architecture —patios, orchards, terraces, and trees— that are part of our history and our culture. We reuse materials, such as adobe, brick, tile, stone, marble, and wood, and apply artisanal techniques, which are all part of the avant-garde architecture.

This is how we contribute to keeping our Historic Center, a World Heritage Site, alive.

On the premises where we build, we have found magnificent trees, which are ancient and native to the region. Around each one of them, we have created special areas. Additionally, some residential projects bear the trees’ names, providing integrity to the space restoration and integration with nature.

Up until 2021, we have built more than 112 units, including apartments and commercial premises that boost the economy of the Historic Center and the city. Each project is an opportunity to create new jobs for hundreds of people who participate and contribute with their talent.


Rehabilitation - Reactivation - Transformation